Lakeside Castings Acting Workshops

Interested in performing, being on the books of Cumbria's largest casting agency and learning the skills needed to work in theatre, film and television.                                                                       Then these acting workshops are for you every month ! 

        Lakeside Castings Young Performers

 At Lakeside Casting Agency Young Performers are 16-20 year olds who are considering a career in the entertainment industry. A young performer no longer requires a licence from their council to work or a chaperone to accompany them on a film or TV set, they will be treated as an adult by casting directors, production companies and us.  We do expect all our Young Performers to show total commitment to the agency Acting workshops if they like the agency to put them forward for acting roles and have a genuine passion to pursue a career in performance. Young Performers are encouraged to contact the agency direct for casting details or with any enquiries.  We will endeavor to make the transition from child to Young Performer as smooth as possible and are here to guide all our Young Performers along this exciting path.

 We encourage all our Young Performers to continue their training at a recognised Drama or Dance school, after which our team would be happy to consider them for our books .


 Summer Camp date announced soon


All  of us at Lakeside Casting Agency and our tutors/ teachers  are DBS (formerly CRB) checked so any young people who attend  can work in a safe and protected environment.

                                 All ages are welcome over 10 yrs

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Updates regarding the  Acting Workshops please get in contact via email at  . One thing for sure this is one of the most exciting projects we are working on and YOU could be part of it .