Matthew Pagan (Callabro) Winner of Britain's Got Talent

He was Born to be a STAR!

One of our former Actor / Performers Matt Pagan (Middle of photo)

 Now with Musical Theatre Group (Collabro)


                                  Winners of 'Britain's Got Talent' 2014 

   Check out link below Matthews first TV interview I got him only 3 yrs ago !

Matthew from Collabro takes selfie in my office May 2014 .


      Matthew with Phil Mckay from lakeside casting agency

Matthew Pagan who came to see me just over 3 yrs ago & who attended our acting workshops. It was only last yr he performed 6 months for us over seas in musical theatre & at Xmas played the Prince in Panto ! Myself and all my team are so proud to know him as a real friend and who kick started Matthews career and to be part of his rise to Fame ! Check the links above.

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